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       The Carriages Gallop with the Wind


The road was constructed well, but did not be rolled tightly. The road roller was made of the huge stone, which was pulled by hundreds of person. There was not spare road roller for a while, for the reason that the road was repairing across the county.




It was difficult to move the heavy car if it got stuck in the mud, and there were lack of cars. There was barely a transport company in northern Guizhou Province at that time. If the county established a power station which needed transport capacity, the secretary of the county committee came to Zunyi City and sent the gifts, with two bags rice or one bag peanut, to the dispatcher in the center station.




The grain in the mountain must be transported to the county, the autumn grain was put in storage and allocated and transported, passing through a transfer post in the midway which was over a distance of one hundred Li.




At that epoch, we were against imperialism and road repairing, so there were all the combat readiness of warehouses in the county and area. Stored up enough grain, and we could fight a hundred battles without defeat. In the absence of the grain system, we would organize a caravan in every grain distribution station.



There were three spare carriages in district grain distribution station. They seemed old, but strong. One day, the carriages arrived at town, I heard a screaming of the wind sizzled over the eaves and made my heart leap. Immediately, I rushed out of my house and shaded my eyes with my hands and looked into the road.




After a while, a carriage pulled out of a curved mountain, the brown horse ran in the sunshine and the long horsehair was fluttering in the wind, with the hissing of strumming. I saw the carter jumped and ran around the carriages and wanted to control several horses, what was a comical picture!




Another carriage pulled out of a curved mountain towards the bottom of hill and bumped in the sunshine and wind. For a moment, the last one drove out. To my surprised, there was a white horse among the several horses. The three horse keepers dragged the carriages with a creak and went into our small town.




A majority of villagers waited for the three carriages at the drying ground of the town. Fan Guojiang, lived in the town and set up a photo studio, had a keen interest in carriages. Fans photo studio opened in a pitch-black alley, without any shop sign, only hung up a photo frame with his colored half-length photo.




At that time, there were no color photo-graphs, just painted color on the black-and-white photography. All of us thought Fan was good at taking pictures and coloring but I considered he was the smartest man in our town.




If the girls did not have a color photography at the Fan’s photo studio, they said to everyone in low and soft tone. Sometimes, Fan ran back and forth between the photo studio and stable, and kicked the two glue wheels and dragged the brake of carriage. I guessed he would like to do something in the future.




The three carriages and twelve horses were nailed on horseshoes, which it sounds great that the horses clattered and walked on the warehouse ground which made by slate. I followed these horses and came to the stable, seeing the horsekeeper cut up the straw with a big straw chopper and threw it into manger. The horses ate them with good relish, how miraculous they are.




The straw were threw away in the filed after autumn harvest, but could feed the good animals. I wondered to walk up to the horses and touch them.




But, a man with having dark skin and roared angrily to me that the horse bitten children and he witnessed that one horse straight cut one children’s with dripping blood as swing its head. I had been not dared to approach and been afraid of the horses until now.



But from then on, the carriages gave pleasure to us. In the morning, the carriages hauled a load of grain. At dusk, they hauled a load of salt. The heavy car has broken down, we waited the carriages on the zigzag road and were satisfied to go by the carriage.




The two senior men of the three carters yowled to us when they found us climb on the carriage. They were not serious as long as the carriage could move on. However, the another horse driverWang Sana dynamic fellow, with an annoyed look. He returned to hit us with a horsewhip and then cursed us when knew us to climb the carriage.




We hated him and kept away from his carriage, therefore there was no way to get along with Wang. We had a strong wish to have a power which would do us a favor to secretly get Wang into trouble.




One day, the other two carriages came back, but Wang’s carriage disappeared. All of us had a foreboding that Wang San would have an accident.




Sure enough, when the sun went down Wang ran back home, with wearing such a tragic expression. Actually, his carriage got stuck in the mud. He pulled the horse desperately in irritable and violent. As a result, the thiller spitted out blood and died.




We had a strange excitement feeling and thought that the god helped us to punish Wang San. At the moonlit midnight, people carried the white horse corpse and placed on the ground of warehouse. Stood around a horse, I was in such a sorrow state of mind.




The next day, people set up a big iron pan, and peeled off the white horse skin and boiled the horsemeat. The children did not eat the horsemeat, so did Wang San. Hence, we dodged quietly away to the side.




Losing a thiller, there would be less a carriage. Wang San was out of work and to be punished to feed the horses in the stable. The grain could not be transported timely in the grain distribution station therefore the strong men who lived in the town and joined the carrying group.




They carried one hundred Jin of corn to the transfer post about forty miles away before dawn. They also got the back cargo just like the carriages, carrying salt and cotton, and earned Liu Jiao at one trip. In that time, Fan drove his carriage into road as a horsekeeper. Fan was thin and small. He could not carry one hundred or two hundreds things on the back as the strong man in the town, so he must carry with the help of a horse.




He left behind his photo shop and then drove his carriage on the road. Compared to the carriages of grain distribution station, his carriage only pulled by one horse and the wheels were made by wood with a layer of rubber. Fan hung around several days in Gao Mount in order to pick out the most strong horse from more than hundreds of the aboriginal horses.




Every day, he got out early and came back at dusk and pulled several hundreds of Jin, was satisfied with earning some money. Soon after, Fan got illness, perhaps he was breaking down from constant overwork. His wife was an adamancy woman. Everyone regarded someone loosed his mind who took pictures in Fans photo shop. So Fans photo shop could not open.




He experienced severe hematemesis at a night in the winter, leaving his wife and children behind. After Fan died, his wife was misery as she looked the horse. So she sold the horse and became a hamal, with a salt pack basket and Niujiao Chu.




Wang San became a cart driver again after the grain distribution station bought a mule. Just on holiday, we went to the native town and to visit grandmother in a holiday. The big town stood on vital communication line, and the road traversed the town, so many cars went through in front of home.




We put some bone in the track, it was our interested to watch the strange vehicles crushed the hard thing. But less than several days, we found that there was a carriage was provided by supply and marketing cooperative.




The carriage mainly transported some mountain products and transported fur in the bad purchasing station to the road, and then the car loaded to the distance place. The road was flat in the town. In a warm day, I was rocked in the carriage which provided a comfort to sleep well. day and the road was flat. I lied on the carriage and slept well.




We got a kick out of climbing carriage, so we did the same thing again and again. We chased the carriages when they passed in front of our home. The cart driver had a relationship with my families, so he never abused and whipped us with horsewhip.




However the carriage boss did things intelligently and tied a small monkey to the coach. It was scared us that the small monkey bitted and scratched the man who climbed the coach. One day, we did not climb the coach, but passed the horse hose to another place. ,




The small monkey ate the rest of corn in the manger. He recognized us and jumped to my brother’s shoulder and bitted him. There was no viru in that age and my brother’s wound was not serious. The carriage boss made an apology, it will be as if nothing ever happened.  




On holiday, the road roller had been pulled by the villagers to the town from the faraway place after we returned home. The road was tightly rolled by huge stone roller. Even though the cars in short supply, there were two or three cars drove into the mountain.




Step by step, the carriages in grain station reduced from three to one, which were recycled to the county in the end. At the necessary moment, the carriages could ease the traffic pressure when the transport capacity in short supply. Before long, the transport company was built well, so that a varies of trucks ran along the national highway and provincial highway, all kinds of size of agricultural vehicles ran along the rural road.




All of these cars were too enough to remove mountains, which led to the horses were sold, or died, and the carriages flam were burned just as the wood. The caravan was dissolved, but occasionally I saw Wang San hanged out in the street.






                                                                           The Tung Leaf

孩提时候的事情 ,想起来 ,总是有些意思的。当然 ,它并不一定像雨后的彩虹那么绚烂。

It is meaningful for me to conjure up the memories of my childhood. Indeed, these memories, not as gorgeous as a rainbow as soon as the rain stopped.


可是 ,当你伫立在明亮的小河边 ,有风微微吹 ,有柳依依摆 ,你就会忆起你的故乡来 ;But, when you stand in the bank of a brightness river, enjoying the willows are swaying lightly with a faint breeze , which would remind you of your hometown,



由故乡你又会想到童年 ———爬啊 ,滚啊 ,摔啊 ,跳啊 ……当时你是疼的 ,哭的 ,而今记起来你却要抿嘴笑了 ……

calling back into the mind of the childhood— climbing, rolling, falling, jumping…You were painful in the past time, but now, you would smile when you recall the memories of childhood.



钥匙带 ,系系长 ,

The key string was tied very long,


巴三巴四去望娘 ,

A married daughter was longed to see mom.


娘又远 ,路又长 ,

It was a long way to go,


哪个沟沟不哭一场 !

It was a long story to back home!


这首儿歌 ,祖母喜欢 ,我也喜欢 ———就像我喜欢哭一样。可是 ,祖母为什么喜欢 ?现在我好像也只明白一点点 ,大约是爸爸妈妈工作忙不在身边照顾我们的缘故吧 !

Both grandmother and I liked this children’s song—just I liked crying. From now, I understand a little why my grandmother was fond of the nursery rhyme. Presumably, my parents busied themselves in working.



白天过去 ,祖母空闲下来 ,星星挤眉弄眼也钻了出来。屋檐下有一块石条子 ,祖母坐在石头上 ,我坐在祖母膝上 ,祖母指着星儿 ,用一种好听的调子慢慢教 ,我就慢慢唱 ,慢慢地睡着在祖母怀中。

Grandmother was leisure at night, and the stars were twinkling. Grandmother sat on the stone under the eave and I sat me on her knees. She pointed the stars and then teaching me with the children’s song, I tried to sing the grandmother did and, slept at her arm.



可是在白天 ,就是我自己玩了。

However, I played alone during daytime.



屋子的前面是一块地 ,早先荒着 ,祖母挖了出来 ,盘干净 ,种了苞谷 ,栽了茄子。隔着地不远 ,是一眼泉 ,活泼泼的长流水冒得欢。在泉边 ,是一条赶场大路 ,

At the front of our house there was an unused land. Grandmother opened it up and seeded corn and eggplant. Nearly the land, there was a spring which sprang actively out of water. Nearby the fountain’s brim that was a main road to go to market.



赶场的人累了渴了 ,都在那儿歇脚 ,喝口凉水。路那一边 ,是乱石旮旯 ,石缝中挤出了十多棵桐树 ,生得很好。这一切散开着 ,把它们联系起来 ,成为一个和谐整体的 ,是我的祖母。人的活动是能够让大自然显得紧凑的。

Someone who was tired and thirsty, they would have relaxed at the spring and drank the water. On the side of the road, over then animated tung trees were vying to break through the stone riprap. Grandmother held the human and nature together in a harmonious whole. She believed that people’s activities were able to make a good relationship with nature.

桐树并不像杨柳那样婀娜多姿 ,亦不像松柏那样挺拔高洁 ;它七弯八扭,丫杈极多 ,仿佛永远不会成为栋梁。

The tung trees were neither like the graceful willow trees nor as pine trees and cypress trees which were erect and noble. The tung trees were crooked with many forks,



唯其如此 ,我喜欢它。哧溜一下 ,我就可以窜上去 ,躺在密密的杈枝上 ,就能够合上眼皮 ,美美地睡上一觉 ,不用担心摔下来 ,那情味就像非洲密林中的吊床。

which would never be a pillar, but I only liked the tung trees. I could quickly climb to the tung tree and lounged in the dense crotch. I closed my eyes and had a good sleep, like enjoying in the hammock of African jungle. I never worried about falling down.



夏天的阳光灼人 ,宽大的桐叶庇荫着我 ,就像庇荫一个油绿绿的桐籽球。

Summer sunshine was scorching, but the tung leaf, in the shape of wide, to shade me against the sunshine, as if keeping out the sunshine for a green tung cormel.



晌午饭熟了 ,祖母看不见我 ,就知道藏在桐树丫上睡觉 ,她就挨棵挨棵地找着 ,尖尖脚走得很轻 ,直到从那茂密的桐叶中发现我为止。

It was the time to have lunch. Grandmother knew I must hide myself and sleep in the tung tree. She would look for me from every tung tree, lastly she could find me in the dense the tung leaf.



有一次 ,我从树上下来急了 ,脚踝蹭破了点皮 ,流着淡淡的血水。祖母心疼得不行 ,急忙从

树上摘下一张桐叶 ,桐叶的茎渗出了晶莹的稠液 ,祖母把这稠液轻轻涂抹在伤口上。

Once, I got down from the tree haste, streaming light bleeding from my ankle that was rubbed raw. I got injured and made my grandmother felt miserable, she picked a tung leaf so hurriedly. The stem of tung leaf oozed the glittering and translucent thick liquor which was applied to the wound by my grandmother.



真怪 !我立刻就不感觉疼了。我看着鲜亮宽大的桐叶 ,看着从那茎中浸出来的晶亮洁净的稠液。婆婆 !它哭了……”我说。

Immediately, I was not painful, it is so strange! I looked at the bright and wide tung leaf, finding the bright and clean thick liquor soared from the stem. “grandmother, it was crying….” I said.

不是泪 ,是血……”祖母慈祥地笑着 ,指着桐叶上分叉的小茎说 , “,就是血管……”

“This is not the leaf tear, is its blood….” Grandmother pointed the small steam of the tung with smiling kindly, and said:This is the blood vessels.



它流血了。我说。祖母没有笑 ,点着头。

I said: it is bleeding. Grandmother did not smile, just nodded.



太阳当顶 ,茄秧子烤得蔫耷了 ,就要枯焦。祖母就叫我采来桐叶 ,她细心地一株一张盖了起来。茄秧子打起了 ”,躲过了火辣辣的太阳。

The eggplant seedling, shriveled up by the sun, and gradually be scorched. Grandmother called me to pick the tung leaves. She carefully covered the eggplant seedling, with an “umbrella”, so that they could avoid the burning sunshine.



晚上 ,祖母揭开桐叶盖 ,茄秧子汲了露水 ,很快又恢复了生机。可是 ,一张张桐叶却早被太阳烤得焦黄 ,永远失去了生命的绿色。

At the evening, grandmother uncovered the tung leaves covering, so eggplant seedling drew dew and recovered vitality quickly. But the tung leaves was burned wither by sunlight, without the green of life forever.



每到赶场的日子 ,祖母就叫我摘几片桐叶放在泉水里。过路的人渴了,他们就歇下来 ,将水中鲜亮的桐叶卷成一个喇叭撮儿 ,用来舀水喝 ,既干净 ,又凉快。

Grandmother told me to pick some tung leaves and put them in the spring at the fair day. The passers-by wanted to quench their thirst, they would have a rest at the spring. And the they rolled the bright tung leaf into a trumpet for bailing out the clean and cool water.



祖母做的苞谷粑最好吃 ,可那也是离不开桐叶的。苞谷灌浆 ,成了籽粒儿。

The corn cake was most delicious was making by grandmother, but tung leaf was the vital ingredient. The corn was in the milk and became the grain.



祖母掰下来 ,脱了核 ,用水泡 ,磨细 ,发酵 ,然后 ,祖母就叫我摘来桐叶。她把桐叶摊好 ,再把苞谷浆舀在桐叶上。

At the beginning, grandmother broke off corncobs and stripped corn bran. Secondly, brewing and levigating the corn. What’s more, my grandmother called me to pick the tung leaves which were putting well.



团成个儿 ,送上甑 ……我问过祖母 ,做这种嫩苞谷粑是一定要用桐叶的。什么原因 ,祖母没说。

At last, she spooned up corncobs to the tung leaves and put into Zeng with making a cornball. I asked my grandmother, why making the corn cake must use the tung leaves. Yet she did not tell me the answer.



其实 ,在我们黔北 ,桐树总有千棵万棵吧 ,谁去注意这一片一片小小的桐叶呢 ?

Actually, there were tens of thousands of tung trees in Northern Guizhou Province, who care one small tung tree?


秋风萧瑟 ,桐叶飘落 ,一张偎着一张地铺在地上。这生命的卫士 ,这绿色的精魂 ,待到桐籽黄熟 ,剥出了瓣儿 ,进了油榨房的时候 ,就悄悄地飘落下来 ,回到大地的怀抱之中。

The tung leaves fell down against a bleak autumn wind. The falling leaves were quietly flying, and settled on the earth’s embrace when the tung cormel became gold ripeness and was stripping out the petal and delivered into the oil press room. What was the defender of life, the spirit of the green!



祖母是个细心人。她叫我一张张地拾起 ,用背篓背回来 ,堆在柴房里 ,用来引火 ,火苗儿金灿灿的 ,一大堆桐叶 ,也只会剩下一小撮灰 ……

Grandmother was careful. She called me to pick the leaves one by one into the pack basket and back to home. The tung leaves were piled in the wood-shed for kindling a fire with the golden flame. Even if there was a great pile of the Tung leaf, it would be burned to ashes.



一年一轮 ,年年如此。

 Once a year, the same each year.



我的祖母还在。只是,现在她已不能盘园弄土了 ,也不能再做苞谷粑了,更不能去到那桐树下 ,把那藏在桐叶里的细娃找出来 ……

My grandmother is in good health. However, she could not make the garden and make the corn cake, and find the children who hid in the tung leaves.



她老了 ,眼睛不行 ,腿脚不灵了。可是 ,去年 ,我突然收到她寄给我的一双鞋垫 ,是她亲手做的 ,她说这可能是最后一次的手工了 ……

She became older, her eyes are not good, and walking with difficulty. But, I received a shoe-pad that was sent by grandmother in the last year. The shoe-pad was making by herself, and told me that maybe the last handcraft.




This year, the tung leaves also fall down.




Oh! Isnt the shape of the leaf just like a body cut into itself?








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