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                                                                        The Distant Well

水为生命之源人总是跟着水走的大国泱泱 ,文明中华 ,到最后还是黄河长江 ,长江黄河但大娄山的河流却是跟大娄山的峡谷连在一起的

Water is the source of life. But people invariably follows the water, in other words, where there is water, there is life. China is a great country with civilization, but to the last it to be closely associated with the water, such water as the Yellow River and the Yangtse River, the Yellow River and the Yangtse River. However, the Ta-Lou Mountains’ river is linked to the Ta-Lou Mountains canyon.



人要傍水而居 ,山根河湾 ,一个家一个村一个镇 ,还能够找地方扎下来但真正要建一座城池 ,还必须在开阔的地方正安州州城所在地 ,文字记载就搬迁三次 ,从芙蓉江边的旧城山坡开始,一直到现在的凤仪山洼城为东西南北四门 ,一门一井 ,一井管一门

Human nature of living besides around water, the foot of the hill or cove, they can find a comfortable place to settle down, like a home, a village or a town. But if authentically building a town is in an open space. According to the written record, Zheng'an County was moving three times, from the old city of Furong River to the low land in Fengyi now. The city has four gates in the east, south, west and north. There is one gate together with one well.



可以说 ,那个年代 ,凤仪山洼的确能够把城市发展与水需求的矛盾统一起来整个搬迁的过程 ,实际上是在河流与水井之间的一种取舍州城四门四井 ,源头活水 ,想不到有难堪的一天等到膨胀 ,城墙被胀破 ,州一分为三县州城变县城 ,压力小多了

As it could be said that people in Fengyi can able to unify the contradiction among the development of city and the demand of water at that time. In fact that the entire process of relocated actually is trade-off between the river and the well. There are four gates and four wells, and it is inconceivable to water that people in Zhengan will face with the embarrassing day.Embarrassing refers to water tension on this context.. As the population continued to increase, the wall like to be burst, thus the state is separated into three counties. The pressure becomes smaller when the city becomes three towns.



四口井维持到今天 ,人口猛增 ,天不见亮 ,井边就挤满了挑水的人幸而发明了电 ,又有了自来水铁管子蜘蛛的网一样布 ,从很远的地方把水引到一家一户接着农民进城 ,县城畸形扩张 ,又一次水危机

The four wells comes to today, population explosion, the well is crowded with people to take water in the early morning darkness. Fortunately, electricity is invented by people and there also is running water. The water from a faraway place goes into door to door via the iron pipes likes a web of spiders. Farmers moving to the city next, the city lopsided development as well, there has been water crisis again in Zheng’an.



终于 ,人们把眼光转向河流把城市搬回到芙蓉江边去 ,这是不可能的人们只有下决心建提水站 ,不管扬程有多高 ,也要让芙蓉江倒流 ,最后解决城市与水的矛盾 ,却又回到了原点

People finally focuses their attention to the rivers, however, it is impossible to move out a city to the Furong River again. People has to make a decision to build hydroelectric station, no matter how high this head of delivery, they also are able to make the river to flow backward. They finally can solve the complex among city and water, but goes back to the beginning.




显然 ,井在这个过程中被出卖了自来水这种叫法至少有两层含意,一是人们取水的历史 ,一是人们成功地改造自然的那一份欣悦 ,那一份神气可以说 ,“自来水是一个文化的概念

It is clear that the well is betrayed in this process. At least "running water" has double meanings. One is the history of people to take the water. Second is that human successfully remade nature after happiness and spirit. Arguably, "running water" refers to an idea of culture.



它跟张恨水笔下北京的机器水不一样 ,那是充满一种对文明的向往而我家乡叫管子水,虽然粗鄙 ,却是一针见血的因为文化内涵 ,“自来水这个概念被保留下来了最终 ,井也在这种保留中透着耐人寻味的背景

It is full of civilization, which is different from the writings of Beijing's Zhang Henshui. But it is to be named after "Guanzi shui" in my hometown. It is very vulgar but also hit the nail on the head. The notion of "Running water" is retained by people because of the cultural civilization. Well finally is thought-provoking in this retention.



很小的时候 ,我就知道这样一个故事 :一个和尚挑水吃 ,两个和尚抬水吃 ,三个和尚没水吃但我与水的故事 ,跟这个故事则是相反方向发展的

I knew such a story when I was very young: one boy is a boy, two boys half a boy, three boys no boys. But the story of water and I had gone in the opposite direction with the story of the monk to pick the water.



我们兄弟没有桶绳高 ,祖母只好请街上的祥宝挑水祥宝有一点呆 ,人却勤快善良街上娃儿打架骂架的 ,很多大人站在边上看热闹 ,有的甚至挑灯拨火 ,生怕打不起来骂不起来

Our grandmother had to hire Xiangbao to carry water because the buckets rope was taller than us. Xiangbao had a little honest, but also diligent and kind. When some children fought or quarrel each other in the street, at this moment, a great many people just was a looker-on standing nearly, and other people even stir up troubles, afraid that they calmed down



. 而祥宝 ,哪怕一担水压在肩上 ,都要停下来吼几句 :“打哪样打 !付医药费哟!”

Even if Xiangbao got water on the shoulder, and he also stopped to roar at children: "why are you fighting? If injured, you should pay the medical fee."



祖母因此对祥宝格外有一种尊重一个石板扣的水缸装四挑水 ,一挑水五分钱 ,一缸水两角钱祖母付了水钱 ,还常常要给祥宝煮一碗面 ,觉得他累了苦了

Therefore, my grandmother had an extraordinarily respectable for Xiangbao. A capacity of a water vat was 8 barrels of water and each 2 barrels of water were worth 5 cents, so its value was 20 cents in total. When my grandmother paid wages for him, and believed that he was tired and bitter very much, so she often offered a bowl of noodles for him.



我们兄弟稍大一点 ,便两个人一只水桶抬水吃摔了不少跤 ,木桶摔坏了母亲从供销社找了两只装圆钉的铁桶 ,坚固而又小巧起初 ,弟兄俩力量都不行 ,桶绳靠前靠后 ,常要争执半天

As our brothers grew older, hence we took the water together. We had a lot of tumble and broke the bucket. My mother found two metal buckets with firmness from Supply and Marketing Cooperative. At first, our brothers not had sufficient strength. We always had been dispute over the balance of rope.



又稍大 ,我们觉得两个人抬一桶水耽搁时间,便一根扁担抬两桶水两只桶磕磕绊绊晃晃荡荡 ,我们从水井抬到家里 ,一只桶只有半桶水 ,而裤子和鞋也溻湿了

When we grew up, we discovered that it took too much time with two people to fetch water. Accordingly, we were respectively to get water. When we respectively carried water, two buckets are always stumbling and dangling. As we came back home, which one bucket just had only this half left, my trousers and shoes were wetted by water.



不久 ,弟兄俩轮流 ,从半挑水开始 ,到大半挑水 ,到一挑水 ,我们学会了挑水里把路的距离 ,我要歇上几肩 ,才能从水井挑到家里要想水不抛洒 ,我在路边掐几张南瓜叶,或者桐梓叶浮在水面 ,

The other day, we were got water in turn from the half water to more than half water and finally a load of water, soon after, we learned to carry water. The well was only five hundred meters away from my home, but I needed to take a few time’s rest, and able to come back home. In order to stop sprinkling, I needed to pick up pumpkin leaves or plane-tree leaves with floating on the water.



这居然很有效 ,人走起来也稳多了渐渐的 ,我又学会了换肩 ,不用歇下来 ,一根扁担就可以从右肩转到左肩

Unexpectedly, it was highly effective, for that reason I walked with steadily. Gradually, I also learnt to know that shoulder-poles from the right turn to the left. I was surprised that I also can keep the shoulder-poles on my shoulder like a grown-up never take a rest, so I become highly conceited.



得意忘形,我大大咧咧的 ,居然也像大人们一样扁担不离肩 ,挑着水桶从井里打水,结果往上提水的时候失去平衡 ,一下摔到了井里井不深 ,我算洗了一个澡 ,又爬了出来但那一两天 ,人们宁愿上远一点的白沙井挑水 ,也不肯挑这井里的水

But I was carelessness and casualness, the buckets lost balance when I fetched water, therefore, I tumbled down the well. The well was shallow, and I served as taking a shower after leaving the well. Nevertheless, people preferred to go to Baisha well to get water, instead of fetching water from this well in a day or two.



我看着 ,听着 ,心里很不是滋味 ,第一次感受到了水污染的难堪

I looking and listening, my mood was not flavor very much at that time. I firstly felt that I was so uncomfortable and sorry to the water's contamination.



白沙井在一个山湾里 ,上一坡 ,下一坡 ,我从来没有去那里挑过水但白沙井的水清冽甘甜 ,镇上有喝生水的人 ,都喝白沙井的水 ,从来不闹肚子

The Baisha well is in the mountain valley that there are an uphill and a downhill, but I never go to get water from here. However, the water of Baisha is highly clean and refreshing. People who lives in the town, they are someone like to drink unboiled water in Baisha well. But they never suffer from diarrhea.



我喜欢白沙井的虾 ,镇上几口井只有白沙井有虾河里淌米汤水的时候 ,我便拿一个筲箕到白沙井捞虾用白沙井的虾钓赤尾子 ,那是很上钩的

I like shrimps in the Baisha well. There are several wells, but just Baisha well have the shrimps. When I go to get water to wash rice in river, by the way, take a bamboo basket rice-washing to catch the shrimps. Using the shrimps to catch fish, and it is easy to attract fish.



但白沙井不大像一口井 ,人们只是用一些石头在那里砌了一个坑,仿佛很随意的水很浅 ,井沿上常放一把木瓢 ,挑水的人要把桶放下来,用木瓢一瓢一瓢舀满了桶 ,这才挑走水 ,很麻烦

However, Baisha well is not the same as other wells. It is a pit and built by some stones. It seems to be quite arbitrary. The well is very shallow, and there is always a wooden ladle on the edge of the well. The man who carries the water will put the bucket down, water of one gourd ladle again and again, subsequently, which is very troublesome.



我看见的水井气派而又热闹的应该算安场镇街背后的水井安场是大镇 ,整个黔北都有名的水井旁边有一大一小两个荷花池水井的水是从大山脚下的贾家湾引出来的 ,一路上石板扣渠加盖 ,花了不少钱

I know that the busy well should be in the back of street in Anchang town. Anchang is a great town, which is the most famous in the whole north of Guizhou province. There are two lotus ponds close to the well, which is one big and one small. The water is from Jiajia Valley at the foot of the mountain. It is spent considerably money in digging ditches and building caps with stones in all the way.



加上大小两个荷花池 , 在看来 ,也是一个系统工程工程是新中国成立前高寅达修建的高寅达大约因为别的事情 ,新中国成立后被镇压了但高寅达做这么一桩事情,大家还真时常想到他

There are two lotus ponds, big or small and it was also a system's project now. The project was built by Mr.Gao Yanda before the founding of new China. After the founding of new China, Mr.Gao was suppressed, perhaps because of other affairs. However, because he accomplished this project, everybody really missed him.



大半条街的人 ,都喝这口井的水为挑水方便,人们在房屋与房屋之间还留出来一条胡同胡同也没有什么名字 ,大家约定俗成 ,就管这种胡同叫水巷子那么多水巷子 ,也都通往这口井井用青石条扣成 ,深一米多 ,长方形 ,表面积有十多个平方米

The majority of them in this street like to drink this well. For the sake of convenience, people keep a lane between house and house. The lane has no name, therefore, “shui xiangzi” called by usage. So many alleyways lead to this well. The well built by the slabs of cyan stone and oblong in shape, having more than one meter deep, as well as a surface area of about ten square meters.



十几个人同时站在井沿上挑水 ,也不会挤井壁上方开有出水孔 ,井满水溢 ,流到一个石板扣的池子里 ,

It is never crowded although more than ten people stand at the bank of well to get water. The well's wall was opened some holes, when the water is filled, and it will overflow from the hole. The water flows down in a pool with built by stone.



女人们淘菜洗衣裳 ,利利索索 ,也一点不浪费安场男人喜欢蹲茶馆 ,女人能够在荷花池走一走 ,在水井边凑一凑 ,也是一道风景

Moreover, women are made the most of water to wash vegetables and clothes, quickly and efficiently. The men live in Anchang Town, who enjoy getting together in the Tea House. Furthermore, the woman can walk along the lotus pool, and talking together on the bank of well so is a beautiful scenery.



但真正有一点文化色彩的还要算老遵义城的井湘江河畔的白沙井,跟我家乡的白沙井完全是两回事这白沙井不但砌得好 ,而且还有遵义著名的书法家题写井名 ,并镌刻在石头上只是身居闹市 ,很多人并不知道白沙井的具体位置

Actually, there the well in the ancient Zunyi City has a little culture. Baisha well in Xiangjiang River, it is discrepant between Baisha well in my hometown. The Baisha well is not only good for building it, but named by distinguished calligrapher in Zunyi, engraved on a stone as well. It seems to not important that they don't clear the well's exact location.



而这似乎也不大要紧 ,白沙井已经成为那一片街区的名字 ,一个代名词 ,它的含义已经不是水 ,而是一个地方甚至哪一天 ,开发商把它填了 ,开发成一幢房子 ,白沙井也还是会存在的

Because most of people are situated on a bustling street, besides, the Baisha well has become a name and a pronoun in around block. Its meaning is a place, instead of the water at this point. Once a day, even the well is filled by the developers to develop into a house, Baisha well is also still here.


白沙井是不会死的它可以是任何东西 ,哪怕人们脑海里的一种意念一个幽灵老遵义城跟白沙井仿佛的井 ,还有老城的官井顾名思义 ,官井跟有关从老遵义城到贵阳 ,要出南门 ,翻越红花岗迎接贵阳来的官员 ,地方官员要到南门外接官亭

BaiSha well still lives in people's heart. It could be anything, even though is a brief or spirit in people's brain. The Baisha well gets similar in the old Zunyi City, as well as it also belongs to Guan Jing in the old city. As the name implies "Guan Jing" is relevant to "Officer". From the ancient Zunyi to Guiyang, which cross the south gate and pass thought HongHuaGang. Local officers are welcome to the officer who from Guiyang.



接官亭一小一大两口井小井饮马 ,故为马井;大井洗尘 ,故为官井时过境迁 ,桃溪河上丰乐桥修通 ,红花岗在人们脚下被绕了过去 ,马井和官井也在官员们的迎来送往中被绕了过去

Because The JieGuanTing has a big and small well in the south gate. The small one is given the horse to drink, so called "Horse Jing", but the big one is given officer from other places a dinner of welcome, so named "Guan Jing". As times alter, ShangFengLe's bridge puts to use in TaoXi's river. Consequently, people never have to climb over the mount in HongHuaGang and goes round the bridge.



但大约废了 ,被淘汰 ,还正旺 ,所以人们把那一片新兴的街区叫官井 ,一个跟井无关的地方

Therefore, the Horse Jing and Guan Jing also are ignored in for the officer of greeting and farewell. Perhaps the well almost is substituted for running water, and "horse" also is replaced by other things. But, officers, they are welcome very much at that time, therefore, people called the emerging block as Guan Jing, which a place that has nothing to do with well.



老遵义城给我印象深的井是红花碗井二十世纪九十年代初 ,我曾经在那井边上一个小院住了一段时间

HongHuaGang well in the ancient Zunyi City is very impressive for me. In the early years in 1990s, I once lived in a small courtyard for a short time, and it located in the nearby well.



每天上下班 ,我从井边上走过 ,总要往井里瞥一眼 ,看麻绳般大小的一股水 ,即使六月天干 ,也没有断过 ,总有一种莫名的感动

Every day, I passed by the well, and I as always dart a looked at the well. I looked at a spout of water like a size of twine, but the water of well was never dry in the arid June, and always let me feel unexplainable more.



后来 ,有一位前辈说 ,“红花碗井对桃源,湘江河老八大景之一 ,这是唯一上了志书的井 ,我不禁又有一种悲

Later, an elder said: HongHuaGang well faced toward Mount TaoYuan. That is one of the eight famous scenic spots in Xiangjiang River. Simultaneously, I can't help feeling deep sadness again, because the well was only the scenic spot which recorded by Local Records as well.



站在井边 ,重重高楼阻隔 ,哪里能够望见湘江河对面的桃源山不久 ,我离开那里 , 到了西门沟

Standing by the well, high buildings flanked the land, where was able to view on the Mounts Taoyuan in Xiangjiang River? Soon I left ancient Zunyi for the XiMenGuo.



有一天 ,我去看那井 ,竟一座高楼骑在了上面没有青山映衬,红花碗井一股水仿佛它头上建筑物的一种排泄 ,格外显着脏

One day, I came back to here for seeing this well, a high building rises up from the well. There were no verdant mountains against and as if HongHuaGang well was the rejection of high building highly unclean.



黔北的井 ,或许所有高原山地的井 ,实在跟江南的井是不一样的 ,跟北方的井也是不一样的我在苏州老街住过民居 ,那家门前就一口井 ,水汪得很浅 ,一只带把的提桶就能够把水打上来The well in the north of Guizhou, or in the plateaus and mountains, they are not only diversity with the well in the JiangNan but also different with in North China. I once lived in a private house in the Suzhou’s street, and there is a well in front of that door. The well water was exceedingly shallow and just a pail could get water from the well.



仔细了看 ,我发现井水水面跟它旁边的河水水面是一样高 ,井水不过是经过土层过滤的河水而平坦干燥的北方 ,井通常要打很深 ,直到保水层 ,轱辘绞着长长的井绳 ,才能够打一桶水打这样一口井 ,实在是一个工程

Looking carefully, I found that the surface of the water in this well was as high as the nearby surface of the river water. Besides, the well was the river water in horizon from the soils. However, the well needed to deep until to the water layer in the flat and in the dry Northern China. The bucket need to blind the rope round the wheel, which can get water from well. Like this well, actually was a great progress.



但黔北山地的井却是有,水脉也好 ,“龙脉也行 ,没有缘分 ,你就是刨平了山头 ,也找不到一滴水因为这一层神秘 ,黔北人把出水的源头都叫龙洞有龙洞 ,也才有井井不过是龙洞的一件衣裳 ,或者是自然跟人的一种转换

But the mountains in the north of Guizhou has a "vein", which called "waterway" or "dragon root"(the source of water), if you haven't the luck, even if you are dug the mountain, and also you cannot discuss a drop of water. The north of Guizhou people called the source of water to “Long Dong” because of this sense of mystery. Long Dong has a well. But the well is no more than a garment of the Long Dong, or transform from nature to man.



井被自来水淘汰了有几分讨好的自来水流进了千家万户人们扬扬得意 ,忽略了井的存在 ,忘记了井的温馨 ,甚至有的井被人们废弃了

The well was eliminated by the running water. The running water was fawn on many people and walked into innumerable homes. People are complement so that they ignored the wells existence as well as forgot the cosiness of well, even some wells were antiquated by people.



我在文章前面提到的这些井 ,如今大多退出了人们的生活而其中两口井已经干涸断流 ,像母亲的乳汁 ,没有儿女吸吮 ,就收缩枯竭了

The author mentioned these wells in the previous section of the article, nowadays, most of wells with draw from people's life. But one of two wells had been already dried up, like mother's milk, if not children to suckle and then turn to exhaust.



但这些年,尤其入夏后 ,遵义城总有成群结队的老年人往井涌去 ,往龙洞涌去他们提着紧口的塑料壶 ,挑着一摞一摞的塑料瓶 ,排着队取水

But in these years, especially the beginning of the summer, a group of elders always go down this well or Long Dong in Zunyi City, they takes plastic jugs with close the mouth and carried a stack of plastic bottles, which lined up to get water.



有一个朋友很风趣地叫他们水民有那么多公司供应纯净水矿泉水 ,但水民们觉得生水还是龙洞水井水靠得住 ,而且省钱大自然像提供空气一样无偿提供的水 ,为什么不享用 ?而且 ,大娄山的水跟人的确是一种缘啊 !

I have a friend, who tastily called their "Water Men". A great many companies provided purified water and spring water for people, but water men thinks that the unboilded water or water in Long Dong, or the well is trustworthy but also saves money. Nature provides water as freely as air, why not share if? Moreover, the water of the Ta-Lou Mountains really is a fate with people.



看来 ,一时半会儿 ,井也还是阴魂不散

From this, the wells were still haunting in people heart in a short time.


The Cottage

我们的住房是一幢二十世纪五十年代修造的老屋大约是那个年代的缘故 ,老屋颇带了些俄罗斯民族的风味 :占地面积宽 ,墙体厚实朴拙 ,连着底层也只有二层楼高 ;

Our house is an old house built in the 1950s. The old house has a Russian National style, probably because of about that time: such as an area of wide, wall thickness and homeliness. There are only two storeys high.



除门窗与屋檐是诧异的红色 ,整个外表灰不溜丢的,这似乎也与俄罗斯有某种联系 ;屋子开间大 ,空间高 ,而且有壁橱 ,地板也是用长长的木条拼成的 ……

Except for the doors and windows and eaves are surprised red, the entire appearance is full with dull grey, which seems to have a sort of relations with Russia; the room is large, the space is high and there is a closet. The floor is also made of long sticks batten.



外地朋友来 ,几乎都要对我这房子评价一番 ,认为从外看起来历史的痕迹重了一点 ,仿佛龟背的纹路一般 ,令人感到沉重

My friends always think about my house. They views that the trace of history in my house is very laden from appearance, like the turtle pattern, and makes people the feeling of leaden. I have own understanding of this leaden emotion.



我对这种沉重有自己的理解 ,一个民族 ,或者具体到一个人 ,当一样珍贵的东西掉进一条深长的缝隙而无从找回 ,其实就是这种沉重 ,一种由遗憾与虚空带来的沉重但朋友依然会说 ,这样的房子住起来是很实惠的而实惠 ,在这个年代,似乎就是一种福气

In reality, this is refers to one nation or one person, when they lose a valuable thing in the deep crevice and will never be new-found. This means the great heavy with inner regret and void. But my friends still said: “It is a great boon to live in such a house”. It seems to be a good fortune in this era.



我住三层楼上虽然这已经是老屋的最高楼层 ;但从我书屋的后窗望出去却不过依旧在老

屋偎傍着的山脚下 ,而且也不过与那山弯里一幢红砖的小平房一般高 ,与那小平房旁边的牛栏猪舍一般高 ,与那小平房四周苍翠欲滴的竹林一般高 ……

I live on third floor, although this is the highest storey on the old house. When I looked out from the back windows of my library, and the old house still was against at the foot of the hill. My library is as tall as the cottage with red brick in the bight, and a barn for cows and pigpens with the verdant bamboo groves around the cottage.



春夏秋冬 ,几番风雨轮转达我守着我的路 ,那小平房守着它的竹它们之间相距不过数十米 ,可一道围墙隔着,竟也给人一种两个世界的感觉事实上 ,我们朝夕相处的 ,未必就是我们熟悉的

Spring, summer, fall and winter, which are coming again and again. I keep my way, moreover, this cottage guards its bamboo. Their distance is no more than dozens of meters apart. However, there is across a fence, which giving a feeling of two worlds. In fact that we are together from morning and night but we are familiar with each other not necessarily.



但毕竟也不是一朝一夕 ,即如瞽者聋者 ,长久地面对一样事物,也会有一种心灵的触摸我相信我对面前的东西也不会陌生 ,只是仿佛一个情节藏在书中 ,还没有翻到那一页罢了

After all it is not a short duration of time, such those people as lost sight and deaf man, so long as they are faced with the same thing forever. There will be a touch of their minds. I convince that I am not unfamiliar with what happened before me. Just as if a story has been hidden in the book and I haven't turned to this page yet.



冬天的一个早晨 ,我被一阵咔嚓的断裂声从睡梦中惊醒过来来到书房 ,推开窗扇 ,一阵清冽纯净的空气扑面而来 ,我精神为之一振 ,眼前是一片白色世界

One winter morning, I was awakened by the sounds of crack from my sleep. I came to my library, and opened the window, suddenly, a burst of pure and clean air against my face, and I felt refreshed and there was a white world full of snow in front of me.



夜里不知不觉的 ,竟下起一场大雪来银装素裹 ,青的绿 ,高的矮的 ,再也没有往日的参差唯其如此 ,小平房的那一片红则格外地耀眼仿佛在这一夜降临的大同中 ,尤其要显露出一点什么来

The snow has stolen in night and the place in decorated by snow that piece of snow-wrapped world. In addition, turquoise and green, tall and short, there are not the former days uneven in length. The cottage with a piece of red looks particularly brilliant. It seems like the ideal and peaceful world falling in tonight, in particular, what should be showed.



又一阵咔嚓声 ,天地间摇晃一下 ,而小屋却不惊诧 ,格外地显着镇定 ,只是它旁边一蓬竹林里一棵竹被雪压断了 ,透出一点绿 ,多出一点参差

I hear a voice snapping outside, rocking between the earth and the heave. But the small bungalow extraordinarily appeared calm and never amazing. Nevertheless, a bamboo snapped under the snow nearly bamboo groves, with a little green as well as more uneven.



而纷纷扬扬的雪是不会放过这一点差别的 ,随着一阵摇落 ,便又补住这一点缺 ,消灭这一点差异但不一会 ,又听着一声咔嚓 ,一棵竹被折断了 ,白色世界又放出一片绿 ,而雪也更起劲地填上去 ……小平房依旧静静地红着一片

Furthermore, the swirl of snow is never missed a little distinction. The vacancy is different and should wipe out as the snowing. But after a while I heard a sound snapping again and a bamboo snapped under the snow, and the white world has more peace of green. However, the snow heavily fills it up-- but the small bungalow still silently stands here with a red.



那时候 ,仿佛是一种下意识 ,我竟莫名地叫起来妻子在隔壁里听着,不知道发生了什么事 ,赶到这边 ,等弄明白了 ,也禁不住好笑起来

I am inexplicable to cry at that time, as though is a subconscious. My wife hears in the next door, but she has no idea what happened. Until she figures out what happened when she hurriedly get here, and she cannot suppress a laugh at the same time.



我其实也不清楚自己为什么这样 ,是对瘦竹的怜悯 ,还是为雪世界的力量而欢呼 ?抑或有感于小平房处变不惊 ,还是别的什么更复杂更深刻的因素……

In fact, I also don't clear that why I do this, is it in pity of lean bamboo? Or cheer to the snow world's power? Or marvels at how small bungalow would be clam? Or for the sake of other more complicated and more profound factors…



总之 ,我不能无动于衷世界很大 ,而属于自己的不过一隅虽然我们时常会有一些局促与尴尬 ,但只要认真地守在自己的窗前 ,总还是趣味无穷的一个人的心更多地需要沉静 ,观照自然 ,内省自身 ,总也还是会有收获的

In short, I am never impervious. One can only have a small space in the world although it is very big. We always have some confusion and embarrassment, but on condition that they guard their own windows in earnest, and it is enjoyable. A person's inner require more placid, to pay more attention to the nature and introspect itself. The total will still be harvested.



我相信在这一天的早晨 ,能够看一天雪落山弯 ,并听那柔弱的雪积聚着折断劲竹的咔嚓声响 ,就我一个人而有这一份独特的感受 ,也应该是一种福气

I believe that I can watch the snow falling down the mountain, and listen to the bamboo snapped off under the weak and weight of the snow in the morning of this day. Moreover, but just me, I own its unique feeling and it should also be a good fortune (Good fortune means an unforgettable experience in this context.).



我与小平房之间发生什么了 ?什么也没有发生雪依旧下着 ,竹依旧断裂 ,并发出阵阵咔嚓声响 ,而冬去春来 ,我知道在原来毁灭的地方会长出来新的生命 ,一切又依然

What happened between the cottage and I? Nothing happened. The snow was still falling, and the bamboo still snapped under the snow. However, as spring came, I know that the fresh life will remove from the death of original, and everything is still.



小平房还是那幢小平房但也就像一本书 ,那一个精彩的情节 ,在什么时候被人看了去被人读过的书 ,多少还是有一些不同的尤其白雪消融 ,它又不再是醒目的 ,且随着春暖花开 ,它会越来越不起眼 ……它已经和我们眼前的这座山融在了一起 ,化成了自然的一个部分

The cottage is the same, but it is like a wonderful plot in a book that read by people. A book read by people, how much produces significances. In particular, when snow melted into the land, it no longer was eye-catching with the spring blossoms… The cottage will become more and more common, because it has already had blended in the mountain beside and melt into a part of nature.





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