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The Introduction of Basic English Department

As a teaching unit of School of Foreign languages of ZMU, Basic English Department was once called Foreign Languages and Literature Department of Faculty of Basic Medicine, and belonged to Department of College English Teaching and Studies. Eventually, it was named Basic English Department in 2002.

With the development of more than ten years, it becomes an energetic and dedicated team. To be more specific, there are 19 full-time teachers, including 9 teachers with secondary senior professional title, 8 lecturers and 2 assistants. Fifteen of them have master’s degree, and two teachers are studying their doctor courses. The teachers who are over 40 years old only account for less than 30 percent.

The teachers in this department mainly undertake the teaching task for different majors from freshmen to junior in ZMC. Besides, they take on all kinds of English guidance and training. Besides, they are also responsible for the election of qualified students to participate in all kinds of provincial or national English competition on behalf of the university. From 2015 to 2017, students of non-English majors have gained remarkable achievements in all kinds of competitions. For example, 3 students won the first prize respectively in the "FLTRP Cup" in the writing, reading and speaking contest.

In the field of reform and research in teaching, we well organized and carried out a series of course teaching reform and research. So far we have made a certain achievement with the hard work of all the staff. For example, the passing rate of CET-4 of medical anesthetic students grade in 2015 have reached 78% and 80% for students grade in 2016 majoring in clinic medicine . The department has been encouraging its members to take part in all kinds of teaching competition, winning 3 provincial prize and 2 prizes in the classroom teaching competitions of the university.

The department has been devoting much attention to the cultivation of its’members research skills, encouraging them to apply for different research projects. In recent 4 years, members of Basic English Department have undertaken many department level and provincial level projects.

At present, all the members in Basic English Department are meeting the new challenge with an aggressive, rigorous and dedicated attitude. We will keep struggling for the English educational career of ZMC.

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