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Teaching and Research Section of English

Teaching and Research Section of English Language and Literature of ZMC, established on June, 2002, focuses on the teaching of English majors ranged form juniors to seniors. This is a team full of thriving, active, well-staffed members with professional degrees.

The TRSELL is in 12 faculty members, of whom 2 are professors, 5vice-professors, 4 lecturers and 1 assistant teacher. Among them, 9 have master’s degree, and 4 are above 40-year old, the rest are young teachers.

The TRSELL offers the following required courses: Interpreted English, History and Anthology of English and American Literature, Linguistics, Language Testing, Translation, Course of Audi-Visual, Thesis Writing and British American Culture and Society and elective courses in English Newspaper Reading, Australian Culture, the Art of Speaking, aiming to cultivate students’ interest in English learning and improve their comprehensive quality.

Faculty members in TRSELL focus on teaching as well as scientific researches. In 2013, the teachers produced 2 academic books and 15 papers and co-edited 2 text books. In addition, our teachers were in charge of 2 provincial scientific research project and 5 scientific research projects of ZMC.

The TRSELL will further perfect the teaching of English courses to meet the various needs of the students in so as to improve their English level and broaden their horizon of knowledge, especially to strengthen their humanistic quality. At the same time, the TRSELL will further regulate the management and perfect relative systems to make greater progresses.

Vice-professor Song Haichan is in charge of the Teaching and Research Section of English Language and Literature.

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