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Brief Introduction

Founded in September, 2002, Teaching and Research Section of Medical English boasts a staff with profound knowledge, rich teaching experience, and qualified professional titles. The Section offers Medical English courses to undergraduate students and Advanced English courses to graduate students.

The Section has recently edited a series of textbooks, which have been published by Fudan University Press, such as:Contemporary Medical English Integrated Course I -- Exploration, Contemporary Medical English Integrated Course II -- Health Care,andContemporary Medical English Integrated Course III -- Medical Humanities, etc.

In order to improve the teaching of Medical English course and enhance the assessment of reliability and validity, the Section has reformed the curriculum and evaluation system since 2013. The reasonable application of multimedia and network technology enable students to develop personalized learning and active learning in time and space that suit them; the assessment is now made up of the final exam, homework, class performance, attendance and other comprehensive evaluation.

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