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Integrated English Department

Integrated English Department was established in September 2002. There are 12 teachers, including 6 associate professors, 3 lecturers, and 3 teaching assistants. The ratio of teachers is mainly structure-oriented by different ages, and with appropriate associate professor and lecturer. The department undertakes the freshmen and sophomores’ teaching task of English major and English Education major. The courses are Integrated English, Reading, Grammar, Cross-culture Communication , English Writing and so on. It also carried out a bold education reform and innovation; actively participate in professional development and curriculum development; and test new teaching methods to help students practice the knowledge they have learned in classroom. In 2016, the course, Integrated English, was honored as “the course of high quality” by the university.

In order to keep the teaching order, Integrated English Department has made strict rules and regulations, and classroom supervision and inspection system led by the department director and various teaching groups. It emphasizes on convergent work between the beginning and the end of a semester and also pays more attention to the likely relaxed mid-term work. Besides mid-term examination and teacher self-assessment, the department also established a position responsibility system which adherence to “who is teaching and who is responsible” to ensure the quality of teaching.

Integrated English Department attaches importance to talent echelon construction, focusing on the improvement and training of young teachers. Young teachers are encouraged to undertake teaching task and come to the fore. Ning Fan, an associate professor, currently holds the position as temporary head of the department, while Yongjiao He is the teaching secretary.

Associate Professer, He Yongjiao, is the vice director of the department. Zhang Zemei, Shuai Yue, and Huang Baodan are the secreta

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