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Introduction of Business English Major

With the rapid development of China’s economy, international business activities are becoming more and more, and business English is more widely used and becoming increasingly important. Recently China has a strong demand for professionals in business English. A part of Chinese universities have set up business English andthe planed curriculum system. Business English major is cross-disciplinary, which is specialized in the application and characteristics of English in the field of international business. Business English research office of Zunyi Medical University was established in 2011 to cultivate students with solid English language background and business knowledge related to international business.

A. Training Objectives

This subject is to cultivate "applied, comprehensive" talents who have solid basic skills of English and master broader basic theories of international business and foreign trade knowledge, understand the general rules of modernized market economy and meet the needs of China’s modernization. With strong cross-culture communication skills, they should adapt to various international enterprises’ business activities, foreign trade, translation and office management and so on.

B. Training requirements

Business English students should grasp basic theories and knowledge related to business English, familiar with listening, speaking, reading, writing, translating and other basic skills, can use business English to analyze and solve problem synthetically in practice. Graduates should obtain the following knowledge and abilities:

1. Have solid business English basic skills, can grasp and apply listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating abilities proficiently in practice.

2. Grasp the basics of business English, humanities and science as well as technology, to develop good oral ability as well as written expressions and communication skills, be familiar with the basic business etiquette, international business activities, import and export basic laws, regulations and policies, capable of cross-culture communication skills.

3. Have the certain capability of using a second language in practice.

4. Familiar with the import and export processes, understand the jargon of different industries, operating specifications, have the ability of producing import and export documents, have the ability of management and organization for foreign enterprises.

5. Master the basic methods of document retrieval, material query and obtaining related information by use of modern information technology, have certain capability of research.

C. Main course

Integrated business English, Advanced business English, Business writing, The practice of international trade, The Principle of International business, Business English Translation and Business English Interpreting.

Department of business English teachers have mater degrees and rich overseas study experience. Our foreign teachers are actively involved in the whole teaching program for the students to increase their opportunity to communicate with native English speakers. We will cultivate and enhance the professionals’ capabilities of business English in accordance with local enterprises’ demands for business English talents, to improve business English graduates’ vocational adaptability, to cultivate elites for regional economy and society’s development.

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