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Amazing Achievements in the 2020 “FLTRP · ETIC Cup” English Reading, Public Speaking and Writing Contests

On November 7, the 2020 “FLTRP · ETIC Cup” English Reading, Public Speaking and Writing Contests were held in Kaili Universitywhich were sponsored by Guizhou Provincial Education Department and Foreign Language  Teaching and Research Press.213 contestants from 22 universities participated in the competition, including 85 readers, 42 speakers and 86 writers.Tan Zhanhai, Secretary of the School of Foreign Languages of Zunyi Medical University, with other four instructors, led 10 students to participate in the competition. Among them, Li Jie, who majors in translation in 2018, won the grand prize in the English Reading Contest. Yang Yangzijiu, a student majoring in clinical medicine in 2019, won the first prize in the English Public SpeakingContest, and Wang Yun, a student majoring in clinical medicine in 2019, won the first prize in the English Writing Contest.

The whole competition is divided into three fields, English reading, English PublicSpeaking and English Writing. Among them, the English PublicSpeaking Contest is divided into three stages: topic specific speech, questions & answers and impromptu speech. And the EnglishReading and Writing Contests adopt the way of computer examination to comprehensively investigate students' language ability.After teachers’ guidance before the competition and their own hard work, the students calmly responded to the competition and gave full play to their best level.

In the end, the students of our university stand out in the fierce competition and come back with full load. Under the condition that only 50% of the whole participants can win the prize, all the 10 students of our school have wonthe prize respectively, and the award rate is 100%. The winners are as follows:

English Reading Contest:

The grand prize  LiJie  (Translation in 2018)

The third prize: LengZihan (Clinical Medicine in 2019)

The third prize: Zhou Hongqiang (Foreign Language and Literature in 2019)

The third prize: Zheng Shasha (Clinical Medicine in 2019)

English Public Speaking Contest

The first prize  YangYangzijiu  (Clinical Medicine in 2019)

The third prize  ZhouMeng  (Translation in 2018)

English Writing Contest:

The first prize  Wang Yun   (Clinical Medicine in 2019)

The second prize  TanXinyi  (Clinical Medicine in 2018)

The third prize  Zhong Cong and Zhou Di (Anesthesia in 2019)

Besides, RuanYe, Xiong Jing, He Yongjiao, LiuYueyang were awarded the title of excellent instructor.

As the representative contestants of Zunyi Medical University, all the students showed their style and competence in the competition, fully demonstrated the good mental outlook and English level of our school. At the same time, they also exchanged views with other college students to enhance mutual communication. After that, teachers and students summarized the experience, and expected to get more achievements in the next competition.

(Writer: Liu Yueyang   Photographer: Xiong Jing   Editor: Tan Zhanhai)











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