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The Second Annual Plenary Meeting of The Academic Committee in 2020

        At 2:30 p.m onJuly 10th, the Second Annual Plenary Meeting of the Academic Committee was held in the fourth-floor conference room of School of Foreign Languages. Li Yu, secretary of the Party Committee of the School, Tan Zhanhai, dean of the School, Wang Mei, vice-dean of the School, and members of the Academic Committee of the Schoolattended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Tan Zhanhai, director of the Academic Committee. The meeting should be attended by 15 members, actually 13, making up no less than four fifths of the totalcommittee membership. Tan Zhanhai declared the meeting open.

       The first item on the agenda concerns the application for the  Master’s programme of Translation. First of all, Tan Zhanhai presented the gap between the basic requirements and the current conditions, with regard to the Master’s programme of   Translation intended to be applied by Zunyi Medical University in 2020.Mr. Tan hoped that all members of the Committee could brainstorm for the application. As for the weakness of application, problem-oriented awareness should be raised in order to make a significant breakthrough. Then Dean Tan Zhanhai elaborated on the application form, key points of the supporting materials and the cultivation scheme for master’s degree in English translation of School of Foreign Languages. All commissionersunanimously agreed with the application for the Master’s programme of Translation and offered many useful suggestions on how to modify and perfect the application form and the supporting materials.

    The seconditem on the agenda is about the formulation of the 14th Five-Year Plan for School of Foreign Languages. Dean Tan Zhanhai first conveyed the important spirits in the 14thFive-Year Plan of Zunyi Medical University, and then proposed that the 14thFive-Year Plan of School of Foreign Languagesshould be based on that of ZMU. A heated discussion was aroused among the committee on the orientation of development goals, discipline construction, scientific research, specialty construction, and improvement of education and teaching quality and many opinions and suggestions were put forward. (Reviewed by Tan Zhanhai, Zhang Yaoxin; Written and Photographed by Cai Xiaohui)



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