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Thesis Defense of English and English Education Graduates of 2020 Held in the School of Foreign Languages


     On the morning of May 23, 2020, experts of School of Foreign Languages (SFL) organized 83 graduates majoring in English and English education (including 40 graduates of Medicine and Technology School of Zunyi Medical University) to defend the graduation thesis, which was specifically carried out by the Teaching and Research Office of English Language and Literature.

         At 8:40 in the morning, the Graduation Thesis Defense Committee of 2020 held a meeting for the related defense work. At the meeting, Associate Professor Zhang Xuya, deputy director of English Language and Literature Office, first provided a detailed description for the grouping and specific procedures of this defense. Subsequently, Professor Tan Zhanhai, Dean of SFL and Chairman of the defense committee, put forward overall requirements for the defense work, and he required all defense teams to achieve unified standards and strict defense procedures and requirements. And Associate Professor Wang Mei, Vice Dean of SFL, made the specifications on the scale of defense scoring.

       At 9:00 in the morning, the defense of graduation thesis officially began. The defense was divided into seven groups to conduct, respectively led by Professor Tan Zhanhai, Associate Professor Wang Mei, Associate Professor Zhang Xunya, Associate Professor Wang Houhong, Associate Professor Zhang Hui, Associate Professor Tang Jun and Associate Professor Su Xiangjun. In the defense process, the students firstlymade the graduation thesis report, and then the defense group put forward questions, which must be completed within 15 minutes. After completing the defense, students should revise their thesis according to the guidance and suggestions given by the defense team.

       At 12:00 in the afternoon, the thesis defense work of 2020 English and English Education graduates of SFL was successfully accomplished.

(Writer and photographer : Yin Yu)















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