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The Lecture on the Resumption of School was held in Foreign Languages School


On May 11, 2020, at 10:30, the School of Foreign Languages  held a lecture for students about the first lesson on the resumption of school.

Li Yu, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Foreign Languages, Tan Zhanhai, President of the School of Foreign Languages, school counselors, as well as all students from the class of 2016 participated in this online video conference. Every student was enthusiastic.

First of all, on behalf of the college, Dean Tan Zhanhai welcomed the students back to school safely. He encouraged the students in English major to study well to spread Chinese stories and the voice of Zunyi Medical University. Dean Tan analyzed the epidemic situation at home and abroad. At present, there is no large-scale increase in domestic epidemic situation. In the process of fighting the epidemic, Chinese advantages in socialist system, resources and talents have been brought into full play.  He pointed out that since the outbreak of the epidemic, doctors at Zunyi Medical University have actively responded to the call of the state. They went to Wuhan to carry out a doctor’s responsibility.  As non-medical major students, we also made our contributions in the fighting against the COVID-19 epidemics. We had been under self-quarantine at home and actively block the virus into the campus. Then, Mr. Tan analyzed the serious influence on China‘s GDP. Lastly, he highlighted that we should actively cooperate with epidemic prevention and do completely self-prevention, and we have a duty to spread the epidemic-related story of Zunyi Medical University. At the end of his speech, he said:” the structure of the world will be changed by the outbreak, and the China’s future will be changed by us.” And he encouraged students to seek job opportunities and implement employment and extended the wishes to the graduates.

Secretary Li Yu described the "speed of China" during the war against the epidemic and the China’s responsibility as a major country in the world. He also praised the tenacity and the courage of the new generation born in the 1990s in anti-epidemics and highlighted the advantages of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

In the national war against the COVID-19, countless heroes have emerged. Zhong Nanshan and Li Lanjuan, as well as the frontline medical workers, police officers and community members have shouldered the great trust of the people regardless of their own safety when the country was in danger. They are the loveliest people of the time. With their youth, they created a country and a nation of youth.

In this novel coronavirus battle, we are feeling China's speed, power and advantage every day. It took China only one week to find identification and sequence about the virus process, two days to build a state-level information system, three days to develop a preliminary nucleic acid detection kit, and ten days to build the "Volcano", "Raytheon" and other hospitals. Within a few days, all fronts and fields across the country, from major cities to towns and villages, were united to form a national strategy pattern of "One chess game" program. All of these made us to be proud of being a Chinese. It is because of this strength and advantage that our epidemic prevention measures have been implemented quickly. and we have been able to return to campus in this warm summer. Therefore, we should set up the patriotic ideal belief firmly.

This lecture made students deepen the professional understanding about the current C0VID-19 situation, be proud of being a Chinese, and be very grateful for living in such a superior socialist system. The students also strongly felt that the party and nation firmly stand at the people’s position. They had shown that they will make no effort to strive for the common future of themselves and of nation. (Writer: Zhang Huamei; Photographer: the participants)


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