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​School of Foreign Languages—The Graduation Thesis Defense of Business English Graduates in 2020 Has Been Successfully Completed


        At 9:30 a.m. May 20, 2020, the School of Foreign Languages held the thesis defense meeting for the 2020 Business English graduates in the Language Room 504, 505, and 508.

         Due to the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, the graduation defense adapted the form of online defense. In order to carry out the defense work smoothly, the Teaching and Research Department for Business English has had a discussion on how the defense will be organized, which system and software should be adopted, and finally formulated a corresponding work plan. One week before the defense, the secretary of each defense team organized students to debug the defense system several times to ensure that the defense work could be carried out smoothly according to the original plan. The pre-defense preparation meeting was presided by Zhang Hui, the director of the Teaching and Research Department for Business English. On the meeting, Li Yu, the party secretary of the school, made specific requirements on the procedures, defense results, scoring standards and discipline of the graduates defense. Besides, Dean Tan Zhanhai stressed that the graduation project of business English major should be more integrated with business. He pointed that all thesis instructors should carry out the defense work in strict accordance with the relevant provisions formulated by the Business English teaching and Research Office, and put forward that this is the first network defense of our school so the experts should take the specific situation of students into consideration, and he also noted that unexpected network problems would be more likely to occur, so we need to be patient and communicative with students. There are 33 graduates majoring in Business English this year, and the types of thesis include theoretical graduation dissertation and practical graduation paper, which cover the fields of business marketing, management, business translation and so on.

           The defense work of business English graduates is rigorously and orderly organized. During the defense process, the reviewing teachers held a serious academic, conscientious and responsible attitude, commented one by one on the topic, framework, research method, content and format of the students' graduation thesis, and put forward corresponding questions for students to answer. After more than 3 hours of intense labor, this online defense made a complete success.





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