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SFL, RED & CYLC Hold a Video Conference on the “Go West” Plan of University Graduates

9:24, April 21, 2020

       School of Foreign Languages (SFL), Recruitment and Employment Department (RED) and Communist Youth League Committee (CYLC) held a communication and interaction video conference on the “Go West” Plan of University Graduates Serving the West Voluntarily to better promote the employment of this year’s graduates. at 8 p.m. on April 16. Nearly 170 graduates from the school of Foreign Languages, School of Management, School of Pharmacy and Department of Clinical Medicineattended the network video conference. And we invited Zhang Ling, a graduate in 2018, and Huang Rong, a graduate in 2019 from the School of Foreign Languages as our guests. The conference was hosted by Mrs. Liao Chengsha from the Admission and Employment Office, and Mrs. Yang Fang from the School of Foreign Languages. The interactive video was an effective means to boost the assignment of employment under the epidemic situation.

The host introduced the theme, the guests and the participants of the conference and the employment situation this year, saying the West Project which enables college students to provide voluntary services in the western region is a great choice for graduates of 2020. Although the graduates have not yet returned to school owing to the epidemic, we'll "suspend the school reopening without the suspension of serving the West". The conference provides the 2020 graduates with the help to answer their questions as possible as we can. We also invite two special guests, the volunteers of “Western Project’’, namely our school’s alumnae Zhang Ling of 2018 and Huang Rong of 2019. They both shared their working experience and feelings from registering, taking part in selection, signing up and getting admission of the “Western Plan”, they told us every process in detail. They found that the program is very challengable, gained a lot of experience from the grass-roots practices and encouraged everyone to apply for the Western Plan. After sharing their stories, graduates at the conference had an interactive discussion with the two volunteers of Western Plan actively. At the same, they gave answers patiently to hot issues such as how to apply for this project , post assignments , and about the salary.

The video conference lasted 1.5 hours. The two volunteers and the host gave the detailed answers to the various questions for the graduates. The attendees’ interest in the whole conference was unusually high and the discussion continued. Everyone said that the “Western Project ”policy is very good. This kind of interactive video will answer the questions of many students. It is timely, efficient and practical, and everyone is confident about employment again. The teachers from the Admission and Employment office and the Youth League Committee announced that more online meetings for sharing and answering questions will be arranged later to help everyone and serve employment well. The students all expressed that this conference is very helpful to their own employment and they also like this convenient new communication way.

After the conference, MS Yang Fang  shared  some important policy materials of the Western Plan with the graduates timely, like the Implementation Plan for 2020-2021 College Students’ Volunteer Service in the Western Region and the Notice of the Provincial Department of Education on Supplementary Explanations to the “Interim Measures for the Compensation of National Student Loans for College Graduates in Guizhou Province”. (Contributors: Yang Fang, Song Chunqing;  Potographers: All graduates attended the conference)


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