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Prof. Wu Ping of Beijing Language and Culture University Lectures in School of Foreign Languages of ZMU

Prof. Wu Ping of Beijing Language and Culture University, was invited to give a lecture on "Research Methods of Intercultural Communication and International Communication: Challenges and Responses" at classroom 5 on October 14th, 2019. The lecture was presided over by Mr. Tan Zhanhai, dean of the School of Foreign Languages. Students from Class of Business English Grade 2017, Class K of English Teaching Grade 2017, and Class A of English Grade 2018 participated in this lecture.

Before the lecture, Mr. Tan Zhanhai warmly welcomed Prof. Wu Ping and briefly introduced his academic achievements. Then Prof. Wu Ping introduced the studies on the newly added fields of discipline across intercultural communication, nation and region. This is a new interdisciplinary research field on the basis of the traditional subjects, English Language and Literature, British and American Literature and Translation. Intercultural communication is essential in cultural transmission. First of all, Prof. Wu Ping pointed out that intercultural communication has a great challenge — “Orientalism”, which is that the western society studies the history, literature, culture and other aspects of oriental countries with prejudice. Expressions like “yellow peril” and “Chinky” in western news reports, as well as Hollywood animations like “Kung Fu Panda” and “Mulan” based on Chinese fairy tales, are forceful evidence. Secondly, in view of the relationship between civilization and culture, Prof. Wu Ping suggested that we should not only adhere to the "Community of Shared Future for Mankind", but also respect the diversity of civilization and culture in intercultural communication. At last, facing the challenges and pressures of intercultural communication, we need to enhance cultural awareness and enhance cultural confidence, so as to achieve cultural self-improvement.

Finally, Mr. Tan Zhanhai summed up this lecture and thanked Prof. Wu Ping again for his coming and guidance. Mr. Tan Zhanhai indicated that Prof. Wu Ping's lecture on intercultural communication broadened the horizon of our students and encouraged our students to study hard and make contributions to intercultural communication in the future. The lecture was successfully concluded with warm applause.

(Contributor: Ouyang Qing, Photographer: Zheng Danli, Proofreader: Wang Leihong, Translator: Translation Majors 2017 )


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