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The 2019 "FLTRAP CUP" English Speaking Competition in Zunyi Medical University Concluded


The final of "FLTRAP CUP" English speaking competition hosted by the academic affairs office and the School of Foreign Languages of Zunyi Medical University was successfully held in the No.1 multi-functional lecture hall of the library on October 15, 2019 at 6:30 pm. The judges of this competition including Wang Mei, deputy dean of School of Foreign Languages, associate professor Su Xiangjun, and two foreign teachersKayleigh and Harvey.

The contestants are required to dream about the 100th anniversary of China's development under the theme of "My Big Story in 2049". The 21 contestants are from different majors such as, foreign languages, clinical medicine, and oral medicine. 10 contestants are English majors and other 11 contestants are Non-English majors. The competition was divided into two groups, "English Majors" and "Non-English Majors". Each group will be awarded respectively and there will be a special award for 1 contestant, the first prize for 2 contestants, the second prize for 3 contestants and the third prize for 4 contestants (5 Non-English Majors) in each group. The two students who won the special award will participate in Guizhou Provincial semi-final on behalf of Zunyi Medical University at the end of October.

 At the beginning of the competition, the host gave a brief introduction about the competition. Ms. Wang Mei gave the opening speech and expressed good wishes to the contestants. And then the competition began. The contestants started their wonderful speeches according to their order. During the speech, the contestants shared their imaginations about the changes of China in 2049 under the theme of this competition, including environment, medical technology, mental health, educational development and some other aspects, provided the audience with more ideas about the future development of our motherland in the 100th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. Every student showed their confidence, their love for the motherland and praise for the future on the stage. Their modulated voice, sufficient emotions, confident eye contacts and decent body movements highlight their confidence and calmness. The contestants were tested on their logical thinking abilities and understandings of the topic in the answering question part. The impromptu speech was to test the contestants' response capability and depth of thoughts, which meant that they need to make fluent and wonderful speeches in a short time. They made it!

According to the on-site rating of the judges, the results came out. Wu Hongyu, a translation major of grade 2017 and Yangyang Zijiu a clinical medicine major of grade 2018 won the special awards. LuoDi,  an English major grade 2017, Chen Yifei, an English major grade 2019, Ma Zijie an applied psychology major of grade 2018 and Wu Peilin an clinical major won the first prizes; six students won the second prizes; and nine students won the third prizes.

After the competition, our foreign teacher, Harvey made a conclusion, praising the contestants for their excellent works and believing that they would make greater progress. The competition is not just to enrich contestants’ experience, but also to encourage the audience and students to work harder so that they can become better. And he added that students could be keen on learning English so that English can serve our future work and life.


(Contributor: Wei Lianxiang, Proofreader: Zhang Chengyue, Reviewer: Wang Mei, Photographer: Zhou Qian, Translators: Translation Majors 2017)


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