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Introduction of School of Foreign Languages

School of Foreign Languages of Zunyi Medical University was established in January 2011, formerly known as Department of Foreign Languages and Literature (Department of Foreign Language Teaching) of Zunyi Medical University. There are Administrative Office, Academic Affairs Department, Students Management Office, Section of Basic English, Section of Integrated English, Section of English Language and Literature, Section of Business English, Section of Listening and Speaking, Section of Medical English, and Section of Translation and Interpreting.

Teachers and courses: There are 69 faculty members, including 62 full-time teachers, 1 full-time teaching assistant, 4 management staff and 2 full-time counselors. There are 55 master's degree holders, 4 doctoral degree holders and 3 doctoral candidates. There are more than 20 teachers studying abroad, who have successively studied in the United States, Britain, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, Australia and other countries. Among the full-time teachers, there are 2 professors and 25 associate professors; there are 2 "migratory bird-type" talents, 2 visiting professors and 2 part-time "double qualified" teachers in the School of Foreign Languages; at the same time, 2-4 foreign teachers are employed all the year round. There are 1 "Famous Teacher" in Zunyi Medical University, 2 young and middle-aged backbone teachers, and 3 master tutors (2 part-time tutors of Guizhou University). Four courses such as Integrated English and Translation are high-quality courses for the school; four courses such as Medical English are the key construction courses. It is responsible for the training of English and Japanese courses for non-medical undergraduates, English courses for postgraduates, and English-related majors.

Three majors: English major, business English major and translation major. English major began to recruit students in 2002 and now is the major of "Comprehensive Reform Pilot Program" in colleges and universities in Guizhou Province. At present, the three majors are included in the foreign language and literature category, and the enrolment and training of students in large category is implemented.

Teaching conditions: 28 multi-media classrooms, 10 digital language laboratories, 1 simultaneous interpretation room, 1 computer-aided translation room, 1 multi-functional business training room, 1 visual scene training room, and 1 library with 7575 books of various types and more than 50 kinds of Chinese and foreign periodicals. It has language teaching experimental facilities and equipment such as multimedia, slideshow, projection, satellite receiver, broadcasting, and digital recording studio.

Academic research: In the past four years, teachers of the School of Foreign Languages have published 215 papers in various academic journals, 6 monographs, and 5 textbooks as editor-in-chief, and deputy editor-in-chief; have undertaken 50 scientific research projects at the university, provincial and ministerial levels, with 479,000 yuan of research funds.

Honors and awards: Many teachers of our school have won the special prizes, first prizes and second prizes in the Guizhou Young Teachers Teaching Competition, "SFLEP Cup" English Teaching Competition, and the Guizhou Province "Innovation Cup" College English Teaching Competition; meanwhile, we have won one Third Prize of Guizhou Philosophy and Social Science Excellent Achievement Award, and one Third Prize of Microlecture in the First Human Health MOOC Online Open Course Competition. Students have achieved good results in the "FLTRP Cup" English Speech, Writing and Reading Competition, "Union Cup" Writing Competition, Newspaper Reading Competition, Normal Students Teaching Skills Competition, Business English Practice Skills Competition, National English Interpretation Competition and other competitions. 

Employment trend: The annual employment rate of graduates keeps above 90%. The employment units are mainly divided into three categories: government and associations, foreign-related departments, state-owned enterprises, research institutes, etc.; various companies, middle schools or universities. The employment trend of the School of Foreign Languages is generally good. The employment units and positions of the graduates include: British Embassy in Beijing, Hanban (Confucius Institutes) teachers, Huawei Company, and rural special post teachers, etc.

(Data updated to August 2020)



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